About Us

Content freedom fighters is what we consider ourselves – a company built around the idea that we can liberate brands and organizations from the constraints of traditional marketing. We believe that effective media can open up boundless opportunities as part of an ongoing communication and content strategy. We do this by eliminating the common barriers.
We are passionate visual storytellers and media makers, and we believe in the power of video – an expressive and creative medium matched by no other. We work with our clients to tell stories the way they want them to be told – without compromise – and engage their audiences in a way their audiences are waiting to be engaged.

The success of our clients equals the success of us. We work to be nothing less than a trusted and ongoing collaborator and partner.

We Believe …

  • In client success and collaboration… if our clients are not succeeding, and we are not aligned with their organizational needs, what’s the point?
  • That status quo is a dangerous thing.
  • That video allows the creative marketer to tell their story the way they’ve always wanted to tell it.
  • The marketing function is evolving to ‘Marketing & Media’.
  • That the past perceptions and constraints of video, are just that… a thing of the past.
  • In doing. Actions that deliver results.

So What’s in a Name?

Innertainment? What does it mean? Legend says it was an oft spoken term amongst the new world Norse-Viking settlers. The pronouncement of grand tales of adventure with visceral and visual exuberance, enchanting active listeners … OK, none of this is true, but it sounds cool. No need to bore you with Innertainment’s true etymology… it’s open to interpretation.

Play Makers


Terry Nelson
Partner, Founder & Director

What began as a childhood obsession with the family VHS camcorder has blossomed into a fruitful career telling stories in a constantly evolving medium.  Following film school in Hawaii, Terry cut his teeth working on everything from music videos to full-scale Hollywood feature films in New York and Toronto before launching Innertainment in 2005.  A highly-skilled writer, director and editor overseeing our bustling production team, Terry will ensure your bright idea successfully finds its way into the hearts and minds of your audience.


Cory Kittel
Partner, Producer & Content Strategy

An accomplished content marketing professional, Cory’s passion for digital media and entrepreneurship has earned him multiple award nominations. Cory has provided concept direction, video and demand generation strategy to organizations across a diverse set of industries such as high-tech, marketing services, education and government. Cory was instrumental in the customer experience, content and video marketing initiatives at one of Canada’s fastest growing technology companies. His marketing background gives him the keen ability to thoroughly understand client challenges, and translate them into actionable plans and programs that drive results.


Duncan Foster
Motion Design Lead

Heading Innertainment’s rich motion graphics design and animation department, Duncan’s focus is purely on the creation and implementation of art. Tapping into a deep well of personal talent and lifelong experience working across nearly all forms of media, Duncan breathes life into so much of our work. With a portfolio that includes short films, conceptual animated works, paintings, sculpture and music, Duncan was born to communicate and, fortunately for Innertainment, does.

We are a collective of filmmakers, animators, marketers, strategists, techno geeks, storytellers, word wizards, designers, imagineers and people people.

Our Clients

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