A Different Kind of Video Production Company

We are purveyors of original and strategic visual content solutions. Our service and experience extends way beyond the boundaries of production, and our definition of full service differs from most. We work in all motion media formats and tell engaging, authentic stories in a way viewers will actually want to watch… and, equally important, listen.
We understand that audiences are evolving, communication restrictions are tightening, tangible results are increasingly expected, and the reliable tactics of old just aren’t cutting it anymore… that said, it couldn’t be a better time to be a communicator! Ideas are now only limited by the boundaries of your imagination, content reigns supreme, and video rules! Screens are prevalent, and owned media is where it’s at.

We craft authentic stories
that engage and entertain

We believe in the power of
emotion and outcomes

The ability to create a range of emotion and tell stories in a boundless, engaging way has never been more attainable. The supporting technology and measurement of this type of content has never been more sophisticated, and the reach of video continues to grow.

We believe creativity doesn’t have to come at the expense of measurable outcomes or bottom line success. Our pursuit is the realization of this potential – to shatter the constraints and allow organizations to create and integrate content naturally, frequently, and strategically into the mix.

The New Standard in Full Service

Beyond Video Production

Beyond Production

Innertainment delivers all the aspects of film making you would expect from a video production company, but we also bring a wealth of experience in content strategy, video platform technology, CRM/MAS viewer data integration, lead generation, social video, YouTube optimization, video SEO, and overall video distribution and marketing.

Creativity Without Compromise

Tired of too many whiteboard videos? How about overproduced mush? We are. Different objectives dictate different creative styles, so your production company shouldn’t limit your ability to explore new formats. We promise not to cramp your style. Our range extends from cinematic live action, to fully-animated, everything in-between, and beyond!

People, Passion & Experience

We’re not just a bunch of camera monkeys and gear heads, and we’re not fresh out of school. We’ve lived, learned, been there and have more than likely done that. Innertainment is a collective of experienced media makers, strategists, artists, engineers, writers, film makers and marketers with a shared passion for visual storytelling.

Set-Up for Success

Our production phase is just one part of the overall experience. Considerable time is spent getting to know you, your industry and audience, so we can define the right strategy, desirable outcomes, and overall video marketing plan. Every project includes a follow-up phase and report outlining results, next steps and any remediation if necessary.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Did you ever expect to hear the word unlimited when it’s comes to video production? We don’t watch the clock when it comes to our consulting time. You get all the service and care you need, and we offer unlimited revisions during production. We’re not satisfied until you are.

Secret Sauce

We are allergic to stiff, over-scripted, unauthentic and, pardon our french, ‘corporate’ content. Sophisticated audiences see right through it. We pursue the perfect balance of engagement, emotion and education. We connect with audiences by finding the right look, sound, tone, feel and delivering an honest experience that is pure Innertainment.

Creativity + Intelligence

We are left brain and right brain thinkers. The art and science of storytelling. We are just as much a consulting and strategy company as we are a full production studio. Everything you need under one roof.

We are left brain and right brain thinkers. The art and science of storytelling. We are just as much a consulting and strategy company as we are a full production studio. Everything you need under one roof.

What We Do

StrategyCreativeProductionTechnologyOptimizationVideo MarketingDistribution

  • Mini Docs/Short Form Films
  • Company/Culture Videos
  • Product Demos/How-Tos
  • Interviews/Testimonials
  • Case Studies & Success Stories
  • Interactive Video
  • Start-up/Founder Stories
  • Sizzle Reels
  • Aerial/Underwater Content
  • Digital Displays/Signage

…whatever moves and the mind can imagine!

How We Do It


Discovery & Strategy

We get to the who and the why. Why will people care? Understanding the audience and gathering deep insight is our first priority.

  • Outcomes and success metrics definition
  • Video technology audit
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Brand characteristics and integration
  • Overall content strategy
  • Ideation

Creation & Production

Where creativity, talent, technology and execution collide. From scriptwriting and storyboards to editing and animation, this is where the magic happens.

  • Scriptwriting/storyboarding
  • Filming & lighting
  • Casting voice & acting talent
  • Location scouting & set design
  • Audio engineering & music scoring
  • Motion graphics & animation

Optimization & Execution

Post it and they will come does not apply here. Success is earned, and the results can be extraordinary with the proper application and understanding.

  • Video SEO
  • YouTube optimization
  • Lead generation strategy
  • MAS/CRM video data integration
  • Social strategy
  • Video hosting platform assessment and implementation

Evaluation & Evolution

We revisit each project 3 months after the fact to provide a detailed report on the metrics and results attained, and discuss major takeaways, successes and remediation, if necessary.

  • Viewer and engagement data
  • Benchmark data
  • Lead & funnel stats
  • Distribution channel reports
  • Search rank results
  • ….and lots more!

Our approach is to work collaboratively with our clients as an embedded partner and trusted advisor – not just a vendor. We take the time to get to know what makes you tick, understand your industry, think like your audience and immerse ourselves in your stories. Client satisfaction and success is something we take very seriously – it’s the Kool-Aid we drink and it shows in everything we do.

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